Soccer- The most popular hobby Game in the world


Soccer is the most popular sport and hobby in the world, the world soccer tournament which comes every four years gets most viewer no other game or sporting event can match. It is such a big deal in some countries that it shapes political views in the respective countries and sometimes has caused tension between countries playing in the world cup.

So, what makes soccer a favourite hobby for many? For one, if you have engaged yourself in the sport before you will realize that soccer does not require much equipment. All you need is a football ball to kick around, some goal post and a couple of friends. The rules of the game are quite simple, you just hit the ball around makes passes with your team-mate and try to kick the ball through your opponent’s goal post for a scored goal which is the credit for playing the game. The other obvious rule is you don’t touch the call with your hands unless you are a goalkeeper.

When learning soccer either for a hobby or professional purposes, the very first thing you need to do is develop and learn great soccer technical skills. The skills are not acquired but rather developed rigorous soccer training sessions and continuous perfection through repeated drills. While it is good to an emphasis on teamwork tactics to win a match, you will realize that the team’s performance is limited to the technical abilities and level of skills of the players.

As mentioned before, the secrete of skill perfection in soccer is continuous training and repetition of the skill. Some of the basics skills you need to develop in soccer include ball control skills, dribbling, making passes, shooting the ball, heading, defending and goalkeeping skills. It is recommended for players to do a 30-minute solid training each day to master the skills mentioned above. It is a good idea to buy a good equipment which can help you in the game. You can find gloves like here or boots like here in good prices.

Tactics and formations are also necessary when it comes to the soccer sport, for instance understanding the tricks and tactics of getting to the scoring position and the various methods used to in defending against the opponent is vital for a football team. Tactics and formation could as well include developing an intimate knowledge of the sport, team coordination, and having the knowledge in upcoming games and how to get players playing using different soccer formations to tackle an opponent team efficiently.


Being fit also has a big role in soccer playing and impacts on the general performance of a player and his team at large. A team can be limited in terms of technical abilities in comparison with other teams in a league but believe me not they can have an upper hand against their opponents
if they are physically fit. It does occur that a team plays well and manages over 80 percent ball possession but end up defeated by a weaker team. What usually happens is you will find that members of the weaker team are not endowed with technical skills, but since they are physically fit, they typically outrun their experienced counterparts in the last minutes of the game.

If you are interested in learning the soccer sport there are various forms of soccer you can engage in to develop your skills; the forms range from micro soccer that includes few members on the opposed sides to the standard game of 11 members each side. You can also get the set of rules governing the game from FIFA the body in charge of regulating soccer in the world.